Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Siding!

We've been working away since the last post.  The hardiboard siding was put up just before the bad weather came this fall.  It was close, but we made it!  The house looks great.  Admittedly, we still have a few projects to do, (front porch) but it is much improved from before.

The color is "bristol green" from Miller Paint's historic collection.  The trim is Andover cream.  It turned out pretty good!

This is where we'd like to put a wood stove.

New front door and you can see the finished fir floors.
The floors on the first floor have been refinished and we even got some tiling done on the bathroom.
Pretty cool!  Mike came up with the pattern after looking at one of the rugs on our bedroom floor.
This is the radiant heat that we've just finished installing.  It goes between the floor joists in the basement and the first floor.  We've been impressed with how efficient it is already, much better then forced air!  
The garage pad is poured and ready to go.  I have a feeling that it might be put on hold until we finish the rest of the house.

Next post will have to include bathroom floor tile pictures.  More to come!

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  1. Wow! If you ask me, I personally don’t prefer green as a color for the sidings of my house, but oddly enough, that one works quite well for yours. Upon thinking of a green siding, I thought the house would look a bit like a really large mint candy, but looking at the pictures, it looks really great. Great choice! :D

    Geoff Hull @ Custom Stucco Solutions